2010/2011 season , Canada from GOOSE GOOSE REVOLUTION on Vimeo.



Met up with a Uni friend last night who has his own clothing company Blow Boarding

We have big plans to create a limited stock of 10 handboards including some sweet board socks. Every board will also feature artwork designed by us both.

The new boards will be from some nice hard wood and might include some cheeky stringers too. They are going to be the shit!

So stoked about these new boards, watch this space!

Check out his FB page and blog

It’s been a while

I have found it hard to have the time to make any new boards recently but managed to get 2 underway at the weekend.

I really need to focus and dedicate more time to this.

Has anybody had a good surf recently? I haven’t been in the ocean since the end of last year and I’m missing it. Hopefully there will be a chance this weekend, conditions willing.

When these net boards are complete I will be auctioning them on ebay so keep an eye out for the link.


Heritage Handboards mk2

So I found the time to finish two of the new shapes this last week.

They feature a graduated rail hopefully bringing some extra hold in the face of the wave plus they are lighter and should be faster with the a shorter wider shape. take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Also I had the chance to hand draw and burn in some illustration to the bottom of each board.

Until next time…